T4 - Neuschwanstein via Branderschrofen and Tegelberghaus [17.4 Km, 1096 m gain]

16Dec Sun

 HBF Platform 30

Organized by:  Julien Allard

Neuschwanstein via Branderschrofen and Tegelberghaus


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Even if you think the event suits you, please read all the information below before joining. A short hike can be much harder than a long one, depending on the pace, the steepness, the weather.
Also, if I judge that you are not fit / experienced enough to do this hike (I'll take a look at your profile on the website), I may refuse your participation. ❶ GENERAL INFO TRANSPORTATION: Train LIMIT OF PARTICIPANTS:25 MEETING TIME: 06:25. This is when I buy the tickets, meaning you should be there earlier. If you are late, you buy yours! MEETING PLACE: Munich Central Station, Platform 30 RETURN TIME: 20:00 COST: 9 to 15€ depending on the number of participants. Please bring coins. ❷ ROUTE Please note that this route can be changed during the hike (snow, bad weather, slow group ...). PACE: MODERATE. Even if you're a beginner, you can join, but you have to do sport on a regular basis (cardio like running, cycling, …). I intend to keep at least a 3km/h average speed, and climb 400m elevation gain per hour. ABOUT THE ROUTE: Easy route, but the snow may make it quite harder. Bring appropriate clothing, and motivation. ❸ WHAT TO BRING Clothing: Close to zero degrees, bring warm clothes (gloves, cap, jacket). Accessories: Headlamp, suncream, food, 2L of water, passport (possible control in the train), phone with emergency number in your contacts, extra battery Safety: First aid kit Optional (meaning all of the above is obligatory): Hiking poles ❹ GROUP SPIRIT Hiking Buddies has to be considered as a group of friends willing to spend a good time together in the mountains. The person publishing the event is someone like you who doesn't want to go hiking alone. For that reason (s)he spends a significant amount of time looking for a route, taking care of choosing the right transportation, checking the weather, if huts are open, etc. As a participant, your duty is to respect the work of the organiser by being on time, sticking with the group, being polite with every other participant. Also, don't join if you have plans after the hike - you never know what can happen (accidents, slow group, delayed train) and we could get back to Munich later than expected. Oh, and remember - Hiking Buddies wouldn't be that great without those brave organisers. So don't just join events, and go for it, create events yourself! I'm sure you won't end up going alone!
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