Become an Organiser!


You've only been joining events so far? Why don't you try to organise your own hike? Have a look on those tips! Organising an event is truely fulfilling, and you make a whole group happy!

Hiking event with carpool


There are several routes whose start point is not accessible by reasonable public transport (e.g., Geierköpfe). Additionally, in order to have more flexibility (and immunity against train cancellation etc), several users prefer to use cars instead of public transport. Therefore, we have added a new functionality in the website, which allows organizers to associate a carpool with their events.

User Rating: Motivation and Computation

User Rating calculations

This blog explains the rationale behind the user rating, and presents a rough sketch how it works. We assume that you are somewhat familiar with the concept of route rating, which represents the effort needed to hike that route. The route rating is based on several factors such as length of the route, elevation gain, sac scale, via ferrata, path visibility etc.