General questions
This website has been created for people who love hiking with a group. In particular, several of its functions encompass many issues that organizers or participants of a hiking event may encounter:

  • Organizing event is super easy: Anyone can create a hiking event, which others can join. Unlike the facebook event, the participants are ordered according to their join time automatically. The participants just need to click on the join button, which is much easier than current setup, where they are required to copy paste a list, and add their names in the list. Similarly, the unjoin is as easy as clicking a button. The waitlisted people are automatically moved to participants, when someone drops out, and are notified by email, so organizers don’t need to inform them. Additionally, organizer can block a person from their event, if they have a reason for it. Whenever, organizer changes something about the event (e.g., start time, meeting point), all participants are notified by email. Participants are also sent a reminder about the event 12 hours before the start time.

  • Route list: The site already had a large set of routes, each of which has information such as distance, elevation gain, approximate duration, difficulty, popularity etc. A user can pick any of the routes for the event. Alternately, user can also create his/her own route on the map. Note that, the user only need to draw the route on the map, all the info about it (distance, difficulty etc) is automatically calculated by the site.

  • No-show handling: If a user who signed up for the event, but does not show up, the organizer has the possibility to report a “No Show”, which will be visible to everyone. If the organizer feels this is too aggressive, they can also silently remove that participant from the event without reporting a “No Show”. On a brighter side, participants can also give positive feedback to fellow participants after the event (but they are not required to).

  • Performance tracking: All participants who finished the hike, are awarded some points based on the rating (some combination of distance, difficulty etc). This way, a user can track his/her progress over time, and also check whether a route is suitable for him/her (by comparing his/her rating with that of the route).

  • Blog: The website also has a blog, which collects useful information about hiking, such as the list of Klamms in Bavaria, or the information about some famous peaks.

  • Usual Facebook event features: All usual features which facebook event has, such as adding comments, uploading pictures, contacting participants/organizer etc.
No. This tool has been created to help people organize their leisure time and we don’t believe they should pay for doing that.
Data privacy
This website has got ssl certificate, which is rated A, and is considered of highest security. All communication between user and the website is encrypted. The user data are is stored safely and is NOT passed to any third parties (for commercial purposes).
Creating a profile will record your created tracks, your past and future events, your pictures and your ranking. Moreover, by providing your email address you will be notified about upcoming hikes, ranking updates and other useful information. We won’t abuse of your email address to spam you with advertisement.
Zugspitze or Watzmann attempt
Zugspitze and Watzmann are exceptional difficult mountains to tackle. Not only do they require a lot of stamina to ascent and descent, but they are also technically challenging. Check before you attempt either mountain that you possess the required strength and endurance (Ideally do a lot of hiking before) and are aware what technical skills you need for the attempted routes.

Since these mountains are pretty high, they are snow covered for a large part of the year. The snowfree months are typically July-September. Expect a lot of snow outside of these months. Attempting these mountains outside of these months requires extra skills and equipment (high alpine winter climbing skills and equipment) in addition to the skills already mentioned above.

Doing Zugspitze or Watzmann is no ordinary hike. But with the right training and material they can be a lot of fun. Happy hiking.