T3 - Halserspitz for fit buddies [18 Km, 1250 m gain]

30May Thu

 s. carpool

Organized by:  Livia Iab

Halserspitz + Schildenstein via Wolfschlucht


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Update, May 26th: a hiking buddies group did it yesterday.

There are places where the snow is melting, very slippery parts, where the path cannot be found. 

Check Jack's Facebook post on May 25th, 11 P.M.


Here some photos of them:





The Halserspitze (1862m) is a summit with great views in the Bavarian Alps near the Tegernsee and it is one of the so-called Blaubergen. There are some steep places with steel rope passages and then a long summit plateau (with various intermediate peaks).

To bring

- good hiking/trekking shoes + poles (or whatever equipment you know you or your knees need)

- enough water and snacks (no open hut along the way!)

- sun screen/glasses/hat

- your charged phone to be reached before and during the hike. the gpx track on it. 

- we'll be borderline, so some ID might be needed;

P.S.: especially given the conditions, consider signing up for a valid DAV (Bergwacht) insurance.

Good to know
This event is for people who have some hiking experience* and have a very good fitness**. If you are looking for a more relaxed pace or are at the start, please join the discussions on the Facebook group or look up other events. 
You need to trust your stepping, don't be afraid of snow, mud.
Later edit
*experienced here means that you have been hiking at least twice in the last 6 weeks T3s or more. That you have an idea what to expect over 1200 m in these months.
**you do sports at least three times a week. The expected average pace: 350-400 hm/h

T3 - Demanding mountain hiking

Path/Terrain: Paths are not always visible. Exposed sections can be safeguarded with ropes or chains. The hands might be needed for balance. Can have exposed sections with danger of falling, scree slopes, pathless craggy ground.

Requirements: sure footedness, good trekking shoes. Average orientation skills. Basic alpine experience required.

more about it here: https://www.hiking-buddies.com/blog/2018/07/02/sac-hiking-scale/

Please confirm your attendence by messaging your whatsapp number to the organizer. Given that it's a carpool, announcing your attendence on time and commiting to it make everyone's life easier. 

The plan is to go by car. If you have one, please add it to the carpool and then we can increase the number of participants.

  • 06:30   meet @see carpool 
  • 08:00   hiking start; Siebenhütten, 1, 83708 Kreuth (an der Hauptstrasse parken)
  • 14:00-14.15   hike end
  • 16:30   back to Munich

The map you see here is for a 16.8 km route. If the majority feels fit and still alive, we can extend the route by 1.6 km, thus getting to 18 km..

Disclaimer: Hiking can be a risky and dangerous sport. I am not a mountain guide. Everyone joins this event at her/his own responsibility. It is recommended to download the gps track on your phone.

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