T4 - Heißenplatte, Aiplspitz, Taubenstein, Rotwand, Hochmiesing, ... [22.0 Km, 1753 m gain]

20Jun Thu

 München Hauptbahnhof, platform 34

Organized by:  Julien Allard

Heißenplatte, Aiplspitz, Taubenstein, Rotwand, Hochmiesing, ...


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Sporty hike, don't expect long breaks. The bus back from Waitzingeralm is at 17h15 - we'll have a break at Rotwandhaus if we have time.

Conditions for participating

- Having a review in your profile saying you have a pace of at least 400m elevation gain / hour


- If no review from me, fill in this Google Form (it doesn't guarantee your participation though)

Also, doing extra peaks are common on my hikes.

What to bring

Just don't bring more than 2,5 / 3kg, water included ;)

Trail running shoes are ideal for fast pace hikes.

Street running shoes are forbidden.

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