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Some mountains are easy to recognize due to their shape. Soiernspitze (2257 m) is among those peaks. If you look for a Cheops Pyramid in the Alps, just drive on the highway from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. At a certain point on this journey you will see a regular shaped pyramid rise in front of you. That is Soiernspitze. It offers breathtaking views to the huge north faces of Karwendel main faces as well as to many mountains to the west, north and east [from Summitpost].

The trail starts at  Isar-Seinsbrücke, follow the wide forest road towards Vereineralm. After approx. 45 minutes turn left at the to the Schöttelkarspitze and Soiernspitze. Now the way leads to the Felderngraben steeply upwards, the trail has some gravel. Once you reach the ridge, turn right. You can also cover Schöttelkarspitze. After 1 hour and 10 min walking on the ridge, you arrive at the summit.

From the summit follow the trail to Vereiner Alm (1406 m), which takes around 1.5 hours. Then follow the forest road back to the starting point.

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By public transport:
    Train station near start point: Klais (3.3 Km from start point)
    Bus stop near start point: Isar-Seinsbrücke (58 m from start point)


Vereiner Alm (1406 m): Tel. +49 (0)8823/1635. Open from 1st June to 15 September.

Technical Difficulty Medium
Gear Hiking Boots , Hiking Poles
Popularity 1
Highest point 2253m
Total gain 1549m
Total loss 1544m
Duration 09:13
Distance 20.4Km
Rating 1483