Knee pain? Focus on your mobility!

Hiking without knee pain

Dear Hiking Buddies,

on some of our last hikes, people have been struggling with pain in their knees. I have been regularly using a variety of exercises from a YouTube podcast called “MobilityWOD”, created by Kelly Starrett. Here are several episodes particularly focused on knee problems:

The idea is that you become able to perform basic maintenance on your body with the help of simple and affordable tools – like a Lacrosse ball or a stretch band (I’m using a cheap Theraband for the “flossing” exercise). I evaluate these exercises and techniques very positively.

Please keep in mind though that I am not a physician, I do not give medical advice, don’t take medical advice from your hiking buddy and if you have a serious condition, go see a doctor. I have no commercial or personal relationship with Kelly Starrett or his business.