Winter Hiking Gear

Winter Gear

Here is a list of what you should bring with you on winter hikes.

This list has been made by Estefania Carrasco (view original Facebook post) - thanks again!


1. Hiking boots.
2. Hiking poles: with the additional disc can be useful while descending. 
3. Water bag. This system is very practical because it is not necessary to stop and take the bottle out of the bag each time.
4. Gloves.
5. Crampons. These are essential for icy trails.
6. Trekking backpack.
7. First aid kit. Some plaster and bands might be useful.
8. Water filter.
9. Sunglasses. The sun reflects on the snow and it is sometimes hard to see. 
10. Head light. Very useful to hike in the dark.
11. Waterproof jacket which protects you against the wind.
12. Polar sweater.
13. Thick socks (+one spare pair as they might get wet).
14. Waterproof pants.
15. Some thermal shirt.
16. Scarf or similar to protect your neck area and eventually your face.
17. Warm hat.
18. Cell phone (+ powerbank in case you run out of battery).
19. Some cash. This might sound trivial but it might happen that for some reason you might have to take a taxi, stay a night at a hut... whatever. 
20. Sunscreen. 
21. Lips protector.
22. Some kleenex (your nose will probably at some point need them).
23. DAV membership card. 
24. This is a warm heater from Japan (not available in Germany, unfortunately)
25. Vacuum bottle. Bringing some warm tea or coffee along will help keeping you warm.