Winter hikes around Munich by public transport

Hello dear Buddies! Can you feel the winter coming? Can you see the Christmas lights, smell the gingerbread, savor the Glühwein? What better season to flee to the mountains and dive into winter wonderland? However you must carefully chose your path to adapt to the fewer hours of light, possible deep snow patches, and the availability of open huts for a warm meal. Here you are some suggestions of easy hiking tracks that you can pick for your winter hiking explorations. They are all reachable by public transport and do not require an excessive amount of hours to be completed. Click on the links to know more.

Winter hike to Breitachklamm till Oberstdorf

This hike, starting from Tiefenbach near Oberstdorf, will make you enjoy the surreal dreamy winter landscape made of icy waterfalls and caves of Breitachklamm ( This is the deepest and one of the most impressive gorges in Europe. It is also one of the most beautiful natural geotopes in Bavaria, especially in winter when the frozen ice formations along the hiking trail that snakes its way through the ravine are an extraordinary natural sight.

Hike 1

Vorderkaiserfeldenhütte (Winterhike)

Starting and finishing in Kufstein, this path goes across five different huts, some of which are also open in winter. It is a T2 hike enjoyable also in deep snow.

Hike 2

Rotwand (Winterhike)

Rotwand (1.884m) is one of the most popular summits of the Bavarian Prealps.
Being the highest of its small group of mountains, Rotwand is famous for its wonderful views. The lakes (Schliersee, Spitzingsee) may be hidden from view but to the south Wilder Kaiser, Mangfallgebirge, Rofangebirge and Karwendel serve as a nice backdrop to the summit prealpine summits up front. An easy winterhike for beginners and the hut is open all the year long.


Jochberg (Winterhike)

Jochberg (1.565m) is an all season easy hiking mountain. At the peak you have perfect views to Kochelsee and Walchensee. Trails are easy and not dangerous at any time, the perfect route to start your first winter hiking adventure. In this version you will end in Kochel at the station, so no risk to miss a bus or waiting somewhere while it is cold.


Hirschberg (Winter)

Hirschberg (1668 m) is located the Bavarian prealps south of the Tegernsee. The summit area is pretty wide and has panoramic views in all directions. This path specifically follows the « winterweg », to avoid any avalanche risk along the « sommerweg ». Be aware of steep parts along this track (eased by metal cables). Hirschberghaus is the year-long open hut along the way.



Wank (1780 m) is one of the most visited mountains in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Thanks to the cable car which runs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the top it's often very crowded. But the cable car stops in winter, so it is the perfect time to explore this peak. Breathtaking views over Farchant, the Estergbirge, Soierngruppe and Wetterstein mountains are assured!


Jägerkamp (Winterhike)

Jägerkamp is a 1.746 m high mountain in the Schlierseer Mountains, a subgroup off the Bavarian Pre-Alps. Trails so the peak are easy and well laid out. In winter it's only allowed to use the path via Schönfeldhütte since the other routes passes wildlife reserves. The DAV hut is open also in winter what makes this hike interesting. Also a hut at the start- and endpoint offers a visit for food or a beer.


Grosser Traithen (Winterhike)

Grosser Traithen is one of the highest peaks in the Mangfallgebirge and the west-ascent offers a quiet route, perfect for an amazing winter hike.

Grosser Trahiten

Hochblasse via Schäfersteig (Winterhike)

The Hochblasse (1.989m) is an all season mountain in the famous Ammergebirge. A wonderful rarely visited mountain since the most visitors in this area go to Hochplatte, Geierköpfe or Kreuzspitze.


Priener Hütte

You want to spice up your trip with some adrenaline? Then this hiking-sledging combination is perfect for you! In this path you will enjoy amazing views of Wilden Kaisers and Zahmen. The hike is technically easy but can be exhausting because of snow. The hut is usually open all year, and a good destination of easy ski touring and sledging. Sledges can be rented at the hut directly (no reservation is required).

Priener Hutte

Description and photo credits: Marco Mecarozzi, Thomas Siegler, Amit Verma, Ajay Verma, Suman Jojiju